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Building on the basis of a traditional network, the H3C new network combines the latest network technology such as SDN and NFV. It is an open, elastic and flexible system. With various Northbound and Southbound APIs, the H3C new network supports development of third party applications, and can fit in with the user’s business and carry out in-depth integration with all industries for innovation. It can further release the network’s hidden potential and construct an improved and harmonious IT ecosystem through SDN.

The core concepts of the H3C new network architecture are: separate control and forwarding, centralized control of services, pooling of network resources, large-scale, flexible, automatic deployment of services, and flexible customization of the network. The new network is committed to innovation. It provides innovative network architecture, layout tools and network operation and maintenance services via software-based products, network function virtualization, network control centralization and other core technologies, thus accelerating the commercialization of innovation, and improving the ROI and profit rate of new services.

The H3C new network has been put into commercial use in customer data centers, campuses, MAN, WAN and other scenarios in different industries, such as carriers, Internet companies, financial institutions, government departments, and universities. H3C has become the most experienced manufacturer of new network technologies in China. We sincerely hope to work with you in moving towards the new IT era.

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